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Our intent for Science at Godstone Primary and Nursery School is to build upon the successes of the previous years.  The previous action plan focused on developing a science curriculum that was well structured, covered all aspects of the curriculum, had appropriate resources and was linked with English and maths concepts.  The intent is now to focus on progression across the curriculum format so that children become ambitious learners.  This will be based around adapting a knowledge rich and carefully selected Science curriculum where the focus is quality and not quantity.  Attention will be given to ensure that the children develop an increasingly confident and appropriate use of vocabulary, scientific terminology and language.  The children will be assessed throughout the year using ‘progress descriptor trackers’, rather than formal assessment points in the year, to get a more comprehensive overview of what the children have learnt.


  • Each year group using appropriate vocabulary that allows the children to progress and develop their scientific skills  
  • Create a knowledge rich curriculum focused on quality of provision and cultural capital enhancement
  • To obtain the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) as a benchmark
  • To enhance the children’s experiences of Science and linking with the wider community.  Holding a STEM Day where children can meet engineers and scientists to become ambitious learners.  Enter into the Young Leaders STEM competition at Southampton University where children can showcase their ideas
  • Analysing children’s progression across the Science curriculum using accurate and well formulated assessment techniques


  • Each year group using learning intentions and success criteria statements that use appropriate vocabulary   
  • Clear articulation of children using scientific language confidently and appropriately in lessons
  • Progression and development of vocabulary from children across year groups
  • Curriculum development focused on quality of provision and cultural capital
  • Obtain the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM)
  • STEM Day implemented across the school
  • Entries made in to the Young Leaders STEM competition
  • Development of an assessment technique using the ‘progress descriptor trackers’