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The governing body is responsible for ensuring high standards of achievement for all children at Godstone Primary and Nursery School.

This involves making sure that:

  • The vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school is clearly defined.
  • The Headteacher effectively manages the educational performance of the school and the performance management of the staff.
  • The schools financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.

In order to do this, the governing body meets with the Headteacher to consider school assessment data, budget reports and the Headteacher’s overview of the current status of the school. These are evening meetings held every half term.

Governors also visit the school during the school day to ensure that the children are being given every opportunity to achieve their potential in a safe environment that reflects the vision, ethos and current action plan for the school.

Being a school governor is a chance to be part of the education of young people at the heart of a local community.