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Art and Design

At Godstone Primary and Nursery School, all children are given the opportunity to experience and create art in a stimulating, enjoyable and practical way.  Art and Design is recognised to stimulate creativity and imagination, enabling children of all ages and abilities to have new experiences and express themselves in ways that might not otherwise be available to them.

We provide all children with a high-quality Art and Design education that inspires them to develop a love for the subject and their talent as artists.  Our Art and Design curriculum allows the children to think creatively, develop resilience and grow in both confidence and independence; skills that are not only essential across the curriculum but also throughout life.  The practical and engaging opportunities on offer to the children allows them to develop their ability, nurture their talents and interests, express their ideas and thoughts and better their understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages through the study of a diverse range of artists.

We ensure to provide effective delivery of an Art and Design curriculum that is accessible to all of our children.  Art and Design is taught during three half-terms throughout the school year by the class teachers.  As the children move through the school, they are provided with opportunities to secure their knowledge and understanding of the formal elements of art (line; tone; texture; shape; pattern; colour), as well as develop and extend their skills using a range of different media and materials through drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.

The following units are covered throughout the children’s time at Godstone Primary and Nursery School:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1 (Art and Design - Years 1-6)

Formal Elements of Art

1-Shape: Abstract Compositions

2-Line: Exploring Line

3-Line: Making Waves

4-Colour: Making Colours

5-Colour: Painting with Colour


Formal Elements of Art

1-Pattern: Repeating Patterns

2-Texture: Taking Rubbings

3-Texture: Frottage

4-Tone: 3D Pencil

5-Tone: 3D Colour Drawings

Prehistoric Art

1-Exploring Prehistoric Art

2-Charcoal Animals

3-Prehistoric Palette

4-Painting on the Cave Wall

5-Hands on a Cave Wall

Formal Elements of Art

1-Texture: Charcoal Mark Making

2-Texture and Pattern: Printing

3-Pattern: Stamp Printing

4-Pattern: Reflection and Symmetry

5-Pattern: Flower of Life

Formal Elements: Architecture

1-House Drawing

2-House Monoprints

3-Hundertwasser House

4-Be an Architect


Art and Design: Still Life

1-Still Life Composition

2-Charcoal Still Life

3-Negative Medium Still Life

4-Still Life in Colour

5-Assembling the Memory Box


Summer 1 (Art and Design - Years 1-6)

Art and Design Skills

1-Design: Lego Printing

2-Painting: Colour Mixing and Craft

3-Craft: Printing (Great Fire of London)

4-Drawing: Experimenting with Media

5-Learning about Louis Wain


Art and Design Skills

1-Craft: Clay

2-Craft: Weaving a Picture

3-Design: Clarice Cliff Plates


5-Painting: Rollercoaster Ride

6-Drawing for Fun


Formal Elements of Art

1-Shape: Seeing Simple Shapes

2-Shape: Geometry

3-Shape: Working with Wire

4-Tone: The Four Rules of Shading

5-Tone: Shading from Light to Dark



Art and Design Skills

1-Design: Optical Illusions

2-Design: Willow Pattern

3-Craft: Soap Sculptures

4-Painting: Paul Cezanne

5-Learning About the Work of a Curator

6-Drawing: Still Life


Art and Design Skills

1-Drawing: A Walking Line

2-Design: Little Inventors

3-Drawing: Picture the Poet

4-Drawing: Packaging Collage

5-Painting: Packaging Collage

6-Learning About How Artists Work


Making my Voice Heard

1-Graffiti Artists’ Tag

2-Käathe Kollwitz

3-Guernica - Pablo Picasso 1

4-Guernica - Pablo Picasso 2

5-Clay Sculpture



Summer 2 (Art and Design - Years 2-6) (Year 1 complete their art unit in Spring 2)



Landscape Using Different Media (Theme: The Seaside)


2-Beach Textures

3-Shades and Colours of the Sea

4-Painting Over Texture

5-Beach Collage


(Year 1 complete this unit in Spring 2)

Human Form

1-Human Alphabet


3-Making Faces

4-Opie Style Portraits

5-Clothes Peg Figures


Art and Design Skills

1-Learning about Carl Giles

2-Painting: Tints and Shades

3-Drawing: My Toy Story

4-Craft and Design: Craft Puppets

5-Craft and Design: Sock Puppets

6-Craft and Design: Shadow Puppets



1-Making Maracas from Recycled Materials

2-Sculpture from Recycled Materials (Drums)


4-Sokari Douglas Camp

5-El Anatsui

Every Picture Tells a Story

1-Clacton Pigeon Mural: Banksy

2-Inspired by Rorschach


4-The Front Line: John Singer Sargent

5-Magdalene Odundo

Art and Design Skills

1-Painting: Impressionism

2-Drawing: Zentangle Patterns

3-Craft: Zentangle Printing

4-Design: Making a Hat

5-Learning about Edward Hopper


The artistic skills and talents of the children are celebrated through class and school displays.  Many of the children enjoy furthering their opportunities to engage with Art and Design by attending the extra-curricular art club.